Although it has been more than 4 years since netbooks came into common use the netbook vs laptop debate still runs hot. At first it may seem that the difference between the two is size. From your productivity and design perspective, this can be only the beginning.

Laptops were originally made being a portable desktop. From it you could carry your computing together with you and so the evolution with the laptop was efficiently cramming every one of the desktop features into a continuously decreasing form factor. As manufacturing matured, laptops became smaller and faster (and cheaper), however, there was some hardware limitations.

The greatest limitation was the DVD or bluray drive. DVDs certainly are a standard size therefore laptops have to be larger to allow for the DVD drive. Netbooks are minus the DVD drive altogether. This will make it possible to make netbooks up to 50 % the size of a laptop and in addition lighter in weight. For DVD gets in a netbook, a DVD drive may be plugged into the USB port.

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Laptops which can be designed as a desktop replacement are generally quite heavy. This can be due to the mechanical disk drive, DVD drive and larger screen. Most laptops which incorporate all of the features of your desktop is as heavy as 15 pounds (7kg). You will see that this is too heavy to transport around with you.

Netbooks normally have non-mechanical drives (SSD) and smaller screens to attenuate weight. Most netbooks weigh around 2 pounds (1kg) and will easily fit in a handbag.

Most fans of laptops state the main advantage of a faster processor advantage inside the netbook vs laptop discussion. It's true that netbooks use a slower CPU therefore cannot adequately run processor intensive tasks including photo or video editing. However, invest the inventory of your time used on a computer you will find that it mainly contains web browsing, emailing and document writing/editing. These tasks run nicely over a netbook and with the slower processor, netbooks have a tendency to run cooler too.

The space for storing in a netbook vs laptop is significantly smaller too. The name “netbook” arises from the focus of the kind of this portable computer; in order to use the web and internet based storage (cloud storage). As soon as you start using a netbook, you'll not miss the extra storage afforded by way of a laptop as most of important computer data would be “on the cloud”. And also this means that if your netbook sheds or stolen, important computer data will be safe and will be accessed from another computer.

As a result of having less unneeded luxuries, you will find cheap netbooks under 200 dollars without difficulty. Laptops, due to the additional features, are generally more expensive.

As we discussed, I am a great fan of netbooks. They may be a great complement in your desktop system and carry out the majority of the tasks you will need on the go. Laptops may also be great if you want to replace your desktop but keep the productivity and speed. The netbook vs laptop debate there's no clear cut winner. You can find advantages and disadvantages to both and thus you will need to assess yourself and choose what is most effective for you.

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